~ About Pnfrl Enm ~

Species: Human
Gender: Male
Location: The United States of America
Date of Organism Creation: August 5, 2005

Organism has left behind a relic containing their "interests".
(Further analysis required.)

~ Begin Information Data Stream ~

Organism "Pnfrl Enm" appears to be one of the highest beings of power over this specific page of the Wired, only tied with The Totem, and (of course) Lain. This organism is the oldest lifeform we have on record. Even The Totem could not detect any lifeforms created before entity Pnfrl, thus, many lifeforms across the Dreamscape come to believe that Pnfrl has created the Dreamscape, though, this has yet to be entirely confirmed.

Pnfrl Enm is the only human species we've been able to detect in the Dreamscape, but further information suggests that Pnfrl Enm has connections to another human entity by the name of Gubznf, who, among other very minute things, has created the "Gubznf Face". It also has connections to other human species, but the Dreamscape does not have enough Dream Power to attempt to analyze further.

Organism Pnfrl Enm seems to be powered by auditory stimulation, or what it, and others from the human species call, "music". It also tends to radiate these audio frequencies, and use other means to create them, supposedly to fuel other humans in a similar way, and release dopamine into their brain networks (really strange).

Organism Pnfrl Enm also tends to consume other types of media, mainly anime, memes, and video games. What these things are exactly, we do not know, but they also release dopamine in the organism's brain, so they seem to sustain it well.

Pnfrl Enm has connections with a fictional entity known as Mikoto, of the species "waifu". Interaction (of any kind) with Mikoto releases large amounts of dopamine into every organism's brain (including Pnfrl Enm's). Caution is advised when interacting with Mikoto, as her Cute Aura can be overwhelming to unprotected lifeforms.

~ End Information Data Stream ~

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